4 Reasons you’ll fall in love with Turin

Many of us are all aware of the beauty Italy provides – from the wonderful historic sights in Rome, to the romantic Gondola rides in Venice. It’s safe to say Italy is beautiful inside and out. But, a city that doesn’t get as much attention as Rome, Venice or Florence is Turin.

The vibrant, beautiful city, up-north, deserves just as much credit as the more popular italian locations – some would say even more credit! But why? Why are tourists and Italians themselves loving Turin? Read on and we’ll tell you…


Turin’s historic cafés

Italy is hugely famous for it’s cafés and Turin counts them by the bucketload! In fact, Turin boasts the highest amount of cafés per capita, including some stunning historic cafes, which are still running strong today!

Let us give you an idea – Turin’s famous promenade – Via Po – hosts a cafe on every second or third store. Crazy, huh!

Turin arguably holds the record for a city with the most historic cafés still in operation – not just in Italy – in the world! And the beauty of this is that they’re all so amazing!

Turin has the world’s most important Egyptian museum outside Egypt

If you’re a lover of museums or Eyptian history, then this will probably be the dealbreaker for visiting Turin, because the city has the world’s most important Egyptian museum after Cairo! It’s arguably one of the most important times in our history and Museo Egizio (as it’s known in Italy) has some of the most outstanding artifacts on view – all 30,000 of them!

Turin is surrounded by beautiful views

 The north of italy is full of breathtaking views and Turin is no exception. With stunning architecture and a backdrop of the alps, it’s safe to say that your photos will leave your friends weeping in jealousy! A hidden gem of photo is of the city, from the top of Monte dei Cappuccini. With this, you’ll be able to capture both the historic structures with the Alps sitting quietly in the background.


Turin is the Chocolate capital of Italy!

Got a sweet tooth? Us too! So, it’s our pleasure to tell you that Turin is actually the chocolate capital of Italy.

Chocolate is actually one of the greatest sources of industry, in Turin, along with the likes of car manufacturing and Wine. But, in our opinion, chocolate comes first, right?!

Turin’s locals feel the same way, it seems, hosting their very own chocolate festival every year. Turin Cioccolatò Festival, which is held in the city centre of Turin for a week, allows you to get a trust taste of chocolate – not just from Italy – but around the world. Some of the ingredients are crazy good!

Turin is so proud of their chocolatiers, that there are chocolate tours, which you can book. Yes – like an italian Willy Wonka! If this tickles your taste buds, then pick up a brochure at your nearest tourist information centre and prepare for chocolate heaven!

Links to the rest of Europe!

 One of the best qualities of Turin has to be it’s simplicity of travelling. Trains link easily to France and Austria, as well as an airport with flights all over Europe for cheap! The prices of travelling to and from Turin are so affordable, you could visit a new european city every weekend.

But, when back in Turin, it’s even more simple! Turin is one of Europe’s most pedestrian-friendly cities. Simply wandering around the city allows it to reveal itself to you – in your own unique way.

And when you fancy a break, we’re more than sure you’ll be able to spot a cafe, to relax, within touching distance…

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