The best beaches in Italy

Italy has many qualities, but none are as big as their beaches. Boasting thousands of miles of coastline, it’s without a doubt that some of Europe’s most sought after beaches lie in Italy.

From the beautiful views and transparent water, to the calm sands and amazing cliffs, we’ve put together a list of our top beaches in Italy.

Get your passport ready, because after reading this article, it’s more than likely you’ll be looking to book a flight fast!


San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

We start our list in the southern island of Sicily. San Vito Lo Capo hosts a beach three kilometres long of nothing but golden sand.

One of the qualities, which really sets this beach apart, isn’t just the crystal clear waters, it’s the gem named Mount Monaco subtly imposing itself into your photographs.

As hard as it may be to drag yourself away from the beach – try. The town of San Vito Lo Capo really is a hidden gem, jam-packed with authentic italian shops and some of the tastiest restaurants Italy has to offer.

If you’re fortunate enough to visit at the end of Summer, we recommend visiting the annual Cous Cous Fest – a festival celebrating the mediterranean dish at the roots of it’s home. Eat, sunbathe and shop!


San Vito Lo Capo

Conero Riviera

San Fruttuoso, Liguria

If you’ve watched the programme, The Trip To Italy, then San Fruttuoso will be a place you recognise well. The stunning bay sits in between Portofino and Camogli, and is accessed via a path on the hill. This setting pushes away the traffic noise and really makes the beach a place of bliss.

This beach is a popular diving spot in Italy, who come to see something special – The statue of the Christ of the Abyss, which lies in the waters of San Fruttuoso and has done since 1954.


San Fruttuoso – Liguria

Tropea Beach, Calabria

When we picture the perfect beach, Tropea Beach is right up there. The white sands greeted by the clear turquoise water really does scream heaven. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were in Seychelles. The only difference is between the Seychelles and Tropea Beach is that the palm trees are replaced with an ancient medieval monastery – looking like something straight from Game of Thrones.

If you’re looking for an evening stroll, then Tropea Beach is perfect for that – or if you want to burn them calories, you can climb the stairs to Santa Maria church, which is on a hill opposite the old town, known as Isola.


Tropea Beach

The Conero Riviera

Last but not least, we have what is known as the cream of the crop. In fact, the Conero Riviera is often referred to as Le Marche’s and one of Italy’s best beaches. Overlooked by Mount Conero, the beach isn’t the biggest in Italy, but comes with everything you need to enjoy a relaxing sun session on a picturesque coast.

If you’re the one who looks for a more secluded spot, then you can take a footpath to Mezzavalle beach, where you’ll find the calm relaxing atmosphere you’re looking for.

Perfect for all ages and perfect for topping up that golden tan in a peaceful setting.



What’s your favourite Italian beach?

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